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  1.  Hi Barry,

     I have recently visited the discussion: How do I become an Evernote Ambassador?.

     I would like to know more about the Ambassador or Certified Consultant Program.

     Please advise me.





     I have recently been accepted to become an Evernote Community Member (ECM) and would like to learn and get trained more in Evernote as an undergraduate student.

     My goal is to use Evernote to collect and organize key aspects of my personal life into Evernote.

  2. Thank you so much, DTLow, for your great response and sharing. I hope to get back to you soon on other issues regarding experiencing the Evernote world. Cheers, Eddie
  3. Hi DTLow, thank you so much for your supportive reply. It has been a week since I read your answer and am making some deep searches for my questions above. As I have been doing a research on Evernote as a Premium User such as the advanced search syntax/engine, I have not found any better solutions than your suggestions yet to make a good comment. The Context features like relevant notes might help me better structure my notes and connect related ideas; however, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Nikkei Inc. are the only two available sources of information that I could use as
  4. Hi Evernote Users and the amazing Evernote Team, I am Eddie, an Evernote Basic User, and have been using this wonderful productivity application for a while (exactly 5 days since 19th October). I have an insightful question about the Evernote Search Engine within notes, it is: Does Evernote have any fact-checking features to verify the level of accuracy of information written or stored in a single note? I think that if this feature has already existed, it would help the search feature a lot (for instance, if there is any mistyped information or any typos, the fact-check
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