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  1. Hey, My google account is connected to Evernote and I'm able to add docs to notes in Evernote, but they don't appear in the search or note title as I understood is meant to be in this article. Another thing - is there a way to send a doc to Evrnote while working on it on the Google Drive? And how can I add the Google Drive button to the tool bar? It used to be there and disappeared.
  2. Would be great to have an option to see the notes on a calander view, like there is in Journey app for example. Meaning: being able to see on a month-view calendar' on which day there were notes, and to access them by clicking the date.
  3. I'm writing in Hebrew and Evernote doesn't support it' making it really inconvenient and not enjoyable to make notes, making me use it in much less opportunities that I would/could otherwise... Please give us that option...
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