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  1. Hello everyone and thanks. I did a backup of all the notes (4k+) in both .emex and .html. Then, I downloaded the newer version directly from the website, and overwrote the older version. Everything is ok, there was no need to import the backuped notes. I feel like you solve two problems with your hints: the problem in updating, and the backup! Yes, because I never did it before.. Thanks again
  2. Hello, I have a problem in upgrading the newer version. My actual is Version 7.5 (457110 App Store). I used Evernote on my Mac for a few years, as premium for a while too, so this is not the first upgrade I do. It starts to download the 7.5.2 but after a few time it goes in timeout (downloaded 0 kB). I don't want to uninstall then install because I have a lot of offline notes, and I am not sure to keep them safe. Is there any chance to fix it? maybe downloading the dmg directly? Thanks in advance to everyone Claudio
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