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  1. I have the exact issue. However, I can copy from a virtualize Windows running Outlook into my Evernote on my Mac.
  2. I have the "Software Update" tab but not the "Enable code block" checkbox.
  3. Well, looks like I can't upload my screen capture now. "You are only allowed to upload 133.12kb."
  4. If that's the case, this screen should have better information.
  5. I have the Evernote app installed on my Mac and I tried to access the Evernote app on my Mac instead of the web app. Are you suggesting that I should not use the Evernote Mac app?
  6. Yes, it was taken on my MacBook Pro. It should at least give me all the connected devices so I can decide which devices to revoke instead of just disabled the Save and continue button without any message. If this method of revoking is not working or recommended, there should be message or a link to the account's profile settings to revoke it there instead.
  7. Thanks, DTLow. Going through the web works by revoking other devices. For some reason the macOS app method just doesn't work. Evernote should fix it or at least have better error message instead of frustrate their users.
  8. Okay, so I tried to Unsync Devices but the Save to continue button is never active to click to continue.
  9. Yes, every time I launch Evernote in my MacBook Pro I always get this window. Why? Is it because I have too many device linked to one account that is Basic plan?
  10. I do not want to upgrade...basic is all I needed at the moment. Regardless if I'm Basic or not, I should see a button option on the Basic column, correct?
  11. Can someone tell me how to pick "Your current plan" from this popup? Does anyone see the "Your current plan" option in this window? Anyway, when I mouse over, I saw the cursor changed to a hand so I clicked on it but nothing happens. This is frustrating! By the way this is on my MacBook Pro. Separate issue, does free accounts get tech support from Evernote? I couldn't find a way to contact Evernote tech support at all.
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