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  1. So... over two business days have gone by with ZERO response from Evernote. Over the past 5 years I've been their biggest advocate with colleagues, family, and friends, so this makes me a little sad. I'm having the high CPU issue again, of course, so I thought I'd share an image of the situation... Evernote, please respond to Ticket# 2690384. I'm happy to help troubleshoot, but you have to engage!!! Anyone that has a tip about where I can find a prior "stable" version, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Everyone is talking about installing a prior version (like tauAlphaC mentioned EN 6.14.5 AND goodguy3000hd mentioned 6.13.13) but I have no idea where to find these prior versions. The most recent one I have on my laptop is which seems way too old. Looked via Google but came up with sketchy sites and would rather get directly from EN. Any ideas? P.S. I've submitted a help ticket and will report back with any advice I receive.
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