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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Although I didn't have to create a new account, you were correct that the issue was local. For lack of a better description, the clipper worked in Safari when configured in a "new window" rather than a "new private window." That did the trick. Perhaps the "new private window" blocks items that the clipper needs to configure properly. In any event, it's working now.
  2. Thanks for the moral support, RA. I also used the link supplied by Barry McBride but the web clipper still will not work. Each time I choose the clipper it takes me to the Evernote sign on screen but signing in does not cause it to function. It used to work, albeit it would periodically exhibit this behavior (maybe due to Evernote updates or OS updates?), but I could always fix it by uninstalling the clipper, signing out of Evernote, clearing cookies, shutting down Safari, restarting my Mac, signing into Evernote, and reinstalling the clipper. No such luck with many similar tries for the past month.
  3. The web clipper for Safari simply doesn't work. I've downloaded it multiple times, deleted the extension, cleared the cookies, restarted the computer many times and still the icon shows up on the toolbar with the dot on the bottom left indicating the web clipper is not installed. It's happened before in prior versions of Evernote and Safari but I was always able to reinstall and get it working. I'm using a Mac with the latest OS (10.13.6) and Safari 12.0 and the latest version of Evernote. Any steps I can take to get the web clipper working again?
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