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  1. that particular chain of replies started with this comment: @DTLow tried to convince me that tag hierarchy is good for that type of problem, and instead of explaining how to actually navigate and find notes, he explained how to create structure. and for some reason, people who don't face the problem repeatedly impose the same solution again and again without testing it at work. My point is, that a note with internal links is a lot better than tag hierarchy for that type of problem
  2. You didn't answer the question: How would you reach the target note which is near the root level using tags, if there are a lot of notes in children tags?
  3. it's hard to believe you, you act like you never work like that. so you are telling me that using tags you can make a big, deep hierarchy for working on big enough projects. Imagine you have a project with 50+ notes and nesting 7+ levels, how would you navigate? You click on a tag to see 3 notes inside, and what would you see? A mess, notes inside all nesting tags, 20 - 30 notes instead of only 3 that actually inside. How would you reach the target note?
  4. Read my post. It's clear you haven't read it. You just replied.
  5. I believe there are two categories of people: those who work on projects using Evernote, and those who don't. And the last ones sincerely don't understand why is the feature they don't need is needed for anybody. in my opinion, http://theguide.sourceforge.net/ had the best hierarchical structure view and the user experience for working on projects. When you write a note, at some point you might need a deeper structure, so you create a note inside a note, and each of them has a content. Differences compare to tags: notes don't change the order based on recency or name,
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