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  1. Does this problem still persist in v6.17, which has been recently released? Did anyone check? I'm still on v6.14 because this bug is so annyoing -- especially on a laptop where it leads to fan noise, heating and battery drain. Besides, I think that a software which is left in the background or which simply displays a note should not consume any significant CPU power.
  2. I've downloaded EN 6.14.5 from pcwelt.de. Here is the direct link: http://download.pcwelt.de/area_release/files/9E/BC/9EBC0E2F1980EEADD4BBEC07E799010D/Evernote_6.14.5.7671.exe Too bad that there is still no solution to the CPU load problem. I wonder whether this a generic issue or affects only a handful users...
  3. I have the same problem. For the latest EN 6.15.4, the EvernoteSubprocess.exe continuously uses 10-20% of the CPU. Interestingly, this does not happen directly after startup of EN, but only after I click on one of the notes in the app. After downgrading to EN 6.14.5, the problem disappears, i.e., the CPU load is ~0-1% when the program is idling.
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