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  1. I use a couple of different apps, but really want everything in one as it enables me to sync across devices and easily pickup on my Macbook where I left off on my iPad.
  2. Problem: When using the draw mode on an iPad of tablet device, you are limited to only one page at a time, which means if you run out of room (quickly) you need to close that page and add another, which is a bit clumsy. Proposed solution: being able to within an existing draw mode page, easily add another page to continue drawing on, or enable it so pages can easily expand if you want to keep adding to them.
  3. Would love to see this idea happen. I also use evernote across both personal and corporate devices. I often have stuff that in the event i left my employer or device was stolen - I wouldn't want to stay on that device so being able to easily encrypt and not have access would be gold.
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