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  1. I never noticed that in the format toolboar. Thank you! That works perfectly for me. The command shift D shortcut is even more useful as my hands are already on the keyboard typing.
  2. I often find myself updating notes with actions performed for a specific Evernote Task. I use the GTD methodology and use tags for (like Now, Next, Later, Waiting, etc). Often times I am waiting on others, and have several "updates' on status as the work gets done. Just like is is very handy to be able to insert bullet formatting, or a separation line, it would be a great time saver if I could quickly add a date stamp to the Note View. Some might like the option of picking Time and/or Date. For example. Let's say I have the the following "To Do" note (see below). As I get feedback, I'm always putting the date in. This greatly helps to keep a chronological history, and makes it easy to see when the last time some form of update occurred.
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