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  1. For any future people with same problem - here's a simple way to work around it (which I use) - simply instead of using your own phone number use one of those "receive sms online" services. They change numbers every 3 months and once they does it, the old number will become unusable. I personally do this for security concerns and it works.
  2. Yeah, this is what I do.Honestly, to me, using the newest releases for work just sounds like madness. Just find a good release, save .exe file, and use it until they cancel compatibility (as happened to my ) Rinse and repeat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Hello, I tried today to install version (because it's the best) but on log in it showed ''lack of connectivity'' error and I was unable to log in. I've used this exact .exe install file previously, so I suspect that Evernote has cut off support for this version. Has anyone heard about it? Has it done it before and if yes, how long it usually takes? Thanks a bunch !
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