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  1. tatiana.larina

    syncing between QuickMemo+ and the main app

    I couldn't find anything useful on the Internet, although I did find somebody asking exactly the same question, so I know I was not the only one. I finally managed to solve the problem, so I'm writing this down to help anybody who could be looking for the solution. I went to "Settings" - "switch accounts" and I switched to my Google account. Then I switched back to Evernote account. This wiped out the problematic notes, but it's OK, I wanted to delete them anyway. The rest of the notes, which had been backed up to Evernote, were preserved. I wrote a short test note and then deleted it without any problems, so it seems the problem is fixed.
  2. tatiana.larina

    syncing between QuickMemo+ and the main app

    LG support are useless, all they can suggest is factor reset.
  3. tatiana.larina

    syncing between QuickMemo+ and the main app

    Hello. No, I can't share these notes. Every time I tap on any of them, all I get is the message "sync in progress, try later". So I can't access any commands in the menu: I can't delete, edit, or share them.
  4. Hello, The notes which I have created directly in QuickMemo+ app for the last few months on my phone do not sync with the main Evernote app. When I try to open them or delete them in QuickMemo+ I keep on getting the message "syncing, try again later". What can I do?