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  1. Too bad. Oh, well. At least now I know that I can stop hoping and just permanently remove Evernote from my workflow.
  2. This is the last thing that is keeping me from putting my entire life into Evernote. I want to use Evernote for all of my history and Biblical studies research and writing but I gave up because of this one issue: Every time I enter a date or set of numbers separated by a colon, Evernote assumes I want this to be hyperlinked as a potential event to create in the native iOS Calendar app. There are three general reasons that this is inappropriate: 1. The text is a historical date, such as "In 1918, on October 9 . . . " In such a case, I do not want to create an event for October 9 because I am writing about a historical event. 2. The text is referencing a Bible reference, passage or verse, such as "Matthew 6:33." In such a case, I do not want to create an event for 6:33 AM when I am referring to a Bible book and verse. 3. In my transcription of interviews and other writing projects, it is common for a subject to make reference to a "morning" or "evening" of a certain day with no reference to a specific date, such as an interviewee saying: "I sleep in on Saturday mornings." In such a case, I do not want to create an event for Saturday morning. A few years ago, I submitted a request to Evernote's customer service for this to be addressed and was told by the agent that it wasn't possible to turn it off because "it's just how iOS works." I know that can't be true because Evernote is the only third-party note-taking iOS app I have ever used that does this. (DayOne, Notability, e-Sword, are just a few I commonly use that I never have this issue with) I keep hoping that Evernote will add a way to turn this off in their iOS app or at least make this consistent with the Windows version, but I'm still waiting. In the meantime, Evernote will just have to continue to be my last choice for note-taking because of all the superfluous "create a date in Calendar" hyperlinks.
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