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  1. @DTLow What I am looking for is the ability to "place" an image into a note where I need it and not forced located to the left margin. Example, I have an outline and I want to center and image on the next line down. Another option would be the ability to place an image on the right side of notes that are either free form or in a bullet/list view. A simple corollary is how PowerPoint works. I can create a bullet list and then "free place" and image next to the text where I want it. Does this help?
  2. Improve image handling to be at least on par to your competitors such as One Note. Don't need full MS Word functionality but how about adding this which has been sorely missed for years. I have been on Evernote premium for years now waiting for this feature add and it never gets improved from the drag and drop left formatting that is in place since forever I think.
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