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  1. Hi! No. When I take a photo this photo appears immediately in the note. But when I read the data/details of this photo, the time and date of when it is taken is correct(name of file), but the date and time when it is put in the note ( I don't know the words in english, I am german, and there is written: "Übernommen" maybe "taken over" or "put in Evernote" (date and time) but this time is 9 hours in the future! The Photo is taken, lets say, 1 o'clock p.m., then the time - Evernote says - it was taken in the note is 10 o'clock p.m. in the evening! But this time is still not actual, it is 1 o'clock, middle of the day! This is total nonsense. The bug is only in the detail data of the photos, to take a photo is no problem. Its just the 9 hour difference in the details of the photos. This shouldn't happen....
  2. Hi! Photos I take in Evernote are marked "taken over" (or so, my english is not so good) with 9 hours "delay", 9 later as I made them and put it in my note. Whats this problem? Photo taken 8 o'clock in the morning, details of Pfoto "taken over" 5 o'clock in the evening same day, but it is still 8 a.m. in the morning! This is nonsense, makes no sense...
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