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  1. Thanks for your help, this post also suggests using the "largest smallest" image, which is not working for iOS.
  2. Thanks for your help, but the "largest smallest" image is not working for iOS.
  3. I have a note with several images, but I can't find a way to force Evernote to select a particular one. I tried the widest. I tried the tallest. I tried a 300 x 300 square. Nothing works. On OSX it seems that it chooses the widest image, so I can "force select" the image I want. But not on iOS. Does anyone know how the algorithm works?
  4. In latest update you removed the delete button from top bar. May I ask why you decided to do that? I use it all the time. Most of the time I just scribble some idea that is meant to be attached to a more complex note, so I delete the original. Other times I just write a couple of words to remind me of something I have to do, then I delete the note when its done. So, I constantly use the delete note feature, but now I'm stuck with the keyboard shortcut or right click > delete. I tried to add the delete button to the top bar by using View > Customize Toolbar, but there is no delete button available. Can you please add it to the Customize Toolbar menu? Thanks
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