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  1. I've read a LOT of this thread, and my issue is SO INSANELY SIMPLE compared to most posts here... I've started a "Communication" notebook and in it, I write all my new drafts of all texts, website posts, business communications, and social media messages. Every time I go to copy-paste a "Communication" note from Evernote to ANYWHERE, it's so completely off in terms of formatting that just a basic line break ("Enter" / "Return" / new line) fails to copy. (Not to mention tabs are converted to spaces.) An entire note with multiple paragraphs from Evernote ends up on a single line when posted to any website... ? Since having the smarts to preserve my messages with a "Communication" folder, it's become BOLDLY apparent that Evernote is not designed with outbound compatibility in mind, and almost completely an inbound gathering process... I would hope that they change their clipboard interactions to be more compatible with typical formatting standards. Having text files in a folder on my computer is what I'm trying to leave behind... (But I'm having to keep my most reusable template communications in a folder until something else is figured out.) I wish no ill will on anyone! I hope something good comes of this thread! Thanks for sharing! -Matt
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