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  1. Maybe a separate thread for it being a different issue. I just don't understand how Evernote can take up 6 GB at a time when my RAM is only 4 GB. Then it freezes my Mac often and won't load once I click force quit.
  2. 2018/10/28 20:21:20:794 I|* -[ENSyncEngine(Tags) processLocalTagChanges] | Processing local tag changes... 2018/10/28 20:21:20:795 I|* -[ENSyncEngine(Searches) processLocalSearchChanges] | Processing local search changes... 2018/10/28 20:21:20:796 I|* -[ENSyncEngine(LinkedNotebooks) processLocalLinkedNotebookChanges] | Processing local linked notebook changes... 2018/10/28 20:21:20:798 I|* -[ENSyncEngine(Notebooks) processLocalNotebookChanges] | Processing local notebook changes... 2018/10/28 20:21:20:799 I|* -[ENSyncEngine(SharedNotebooks) processLocalSharedNotebookChanges] | Processing local shared notebook changes... 2018/10/28 20:21:20:801 I|* -[ENSyncEngine(Notes) processLocalNoteChanges] | Processing local note changes... 2018/10/28 20:21:20:802 I|* -[ENSyncEngine(Notes) processLocalNoteChanges] | 1 notes to update/create 2018/10/28 20:21:21:133 I|* __88-[ENSyncEngine(Notes) updateServerNoteFromLocalNoteWithID:resourceFileMap:attemptRetry:]_block_invoke.1335 | Updating note on service: Community Engagement Day-To-Day Activities adb42989-1446-4784-99d9-99ef617a047a 2018/10/28 20:21:22:095 I|* -[ENSyncEngine(Resources) processLocalResourceChanges] | Processing local resource changes... 2018/10/28 20:21:22:096 I|* -[ENSyncEngine(Notebooks) processLocalNotebookExpungements] | Processing local notebook expungements... 2018/10/28 20:21:22:099 I|* -[ENSyncEngine refreshUsageInfo] | Updating usage info... 2018/10/28 20:21:22:099 I|* __31-[ENSyncEngine serverSyncState]_block_invoke | sessionCount=0 2018/10/28 20:21:22:215 I|* -[ENSyncEngine _synchronizeAccountsWithIds:processServerChanges:processLocalChanges:] | Synchronizing shared notes 2018/10/28 20:21:22:217 I|* -[ENAccountContext syncEngineDidStop:] | 2018/10/28 20:21:22:217 I|* -[ENCacheManager startWithBackground:] | self=<ENCacheManager: 0x7f98170870d0> 2018/10/28 20:21:22:217 I|* -[ENGoogleCredentialManager needsRefreshWithUpdatedDate:usingScopes:] | lastQueried >= userUpdated 2018/10/28 20:21:22:217 I|* -[ENSyncEngine _syncStoppedWithErrors:] | Sync complete. No errors. 2018/10/28 20:21:22:225 I|* __39-[ENCacheManager recalculateStatistics]_block_invoke | totalSize=83320862, cachedSize=83320862, uncachedSize=0 2018/10/28 20:21:22:225 W|** __87-[ENAccountContext _performLocalStoreReadBlock:readWriteBlock:completion:asynchronous:]_block_invoke | ======= COMPLETION BLOCK WILL NOT BE CALLED ====== 2018/10/28 20:21:22:230 I|* __77-[ENCacheManager fetchNextBatchOfDownloadOperationsUsingBackgroundTransfers:]_block_invoke | Processing 0 notes 2018/10/28 20:21:22:768 I|* -[ENCacheManager stop] | self=<ENCacheManager: 0x7f98170870d0> 2018/10/28 20:21:27:670 W|** -[EDAMUsage sessionCountInPreviousDays:] main | Requested session count for 746 days, only maintaining 30 days of data 2018/10/28 20:21:28:334 I|* __36-[ENUXPInputsManager processInputs:]_block_invoke | Inputs generated in 0.009 (0.664) seconds
  3. I am doing more backups now that I have an impending hard drive failure. My activity log is so long, I am not sure which part to put in here. I tried copying my note and it did not work, I will try again.
  4. Well it is in the same notebook as most of my other notes which can be viewed on other devices. I pulled up the activity log but cannot understand anything in it.
  5. My hard drive was erased which would usually be fine, but my to-do list is on a note that never syncs with my other devices and stays offline. This happens to a few of my notes, they just randomly never try to sync. Sometimes it seems like a particular note I tried to edit on one device and maybe had a note conflict, but for whatever the reason never see a note conflict, but rather it only appearing on my Macbook Pro desktop evernote, but never on my phone's app or the web app (same notes on these appear).
  6. My untitled note I created was lost when my devices synced. I tried looking at it and clicked "update note" but instead of updating it, it seems to have deleted it. It is not in trash and search could not find words I know were included in the note. Any ideas on how to recover this note? Thanks.
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