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  1. Exactly. It's the one app where it can do everything I need...and more. When I try the others they have some cool features and do some things maybe even a little better, but there always comes a point where I hit a road block and say "ugh, Evernote does this, I need to go back".
  2. It's that time of year where my subscription is close to expiring, and as useful as the app is -- the $90 CAD price tag is a little hard to swallow. I know, $90 to store all your useful data and keep you on track is not a huge burden, but when compared to MS Office that I just spent $80 on with multiple services, it seems a tad high. I have to admit, I've been an EN user for years, but I typically start a new account with one of their "new account" promo codes to avoid paying full price, so that's why it looks like I'm a newb....but I digress. As I looked at alternatives this morning I came across a note in Evernote that I created the last time I was eyeing alternatives. This one specifically was regarding OneNote and it's limitations as I saw them; No single sync button for all notes, annotations that aren't attached to the documents they markup, no great tags, less local storage on iPhone etc. I then considered Bear (which is pretty good), and Apple's own Notes app since I'm paying for iCloud storage anyway. The trouble with both of these is, my work computer is a PC so web clipping is out from that device, and easily getting stuff into either from my Windows computer is a pain. Evernote has clients for all my devices, great tagging, a great web clipper, the best annotation functions, and an easy way to get notes in and out - I'm not locked into it like I would be with Apple's Notes app. So I guess I just came here to say that I think EN is still the best, most functional notes app - at least for my use case. With the changes on the horizon to the editor and to make feature parity more a priority across environments I actually shelled out the full pop for my subscription. Happy Evernoting.
  3. Strange. I'm using Windows too (Windows 7) and it says locked as it was created in another application. I tried to open the template on the web and I get this...
  4. I just downloaded a useful looking meeting template, but once saved to my Evernote I can't edit the note, it only lets me alter the title. Is this the expected behaviour? Get template, print out, go to meeting and write on it, scan back into EN. Seems more complicated than just type into the note itself.
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