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  1. Hello, I'm of Mom of three, work full time and volunteer for several organizations. I have a crazy life. Here are some ways that I use Evernote.. - I scan all my kids work into Evernote. My 11 year old knows how to do this and I'm working on the 9 year old. Why? Grade disputes and it helps with those scrapbooking project that I'll get to one day. Anyone one school aged kids is inundated with paperwork. I have them place school notes in the scanner so I could scan and read on the train I also show Family and Grandparent art and other projects and tests on Ipad. - AR reading list
  2. does anyone know how when adding additional entries to a vjournal post that you can keep the yellow highlighted from the previous time stamp from extending down with every line of new type you do on the new entry? THANKS Larry
  3. I'm writing a Kindle book on how to write and launch a paperless Human Resources manual using Evernote. I've come across a number of Kindle books using 'Evernote' in the title/subtitle and the elephant logo in the graphic of the book cover. However, I'd still like to confirm if it's okay to use them on the cover of my book - image attached. Thanks,
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