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  1. I have the same request, would like to be able indent tables.
  2. Same issue for me. I use Evernote daily. Just saw it starting today. I dont have two accounts. I'm on macOS 10.13.6. Evernote version 7.10, Editor 69.1.8237.
  3. I am a paying customer who has been suffering with this issue for several years. I am a software engineer and I use EN to track my daily work. I like to select text, change font, colors, etc. It is how I think. The notes slow down after abut two weeks worth of daily note taking. I have been thru two new macbooks, with the same exact results. A few years ago I even had a case open and they could see with me where it was hogging CPU. They told me at the time that they could not support notes greater than a certain size (I think it was 30K characters) and basically closed the case.
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