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  1. You're right, but I always have to kill it... otherwise it still holds those key commands hostage. I need Ctrl+Alt+S in another app, but if EN is running in the background, it will intercept that for a screen capture. So every time I need it, I have to launch from scratch.
  2. Fair enough, although as it is, I always have to make sure to quit the new Evernote when I'm done, because it commandeers some keyboard shortcuts that my other applications use. As far as I know there's no way to change those. I wish they would bring back the old configurable Quick Keyboard Shortcuts. So for my daily use case, this is an accurate representation of the work involved.
  3. I made a separate post for this, but here's a comparison of performance in v6 and v10: Edit: it was pointed out that this isn't fair because it includes the startup time of EN10. But I always have to quit it after every use, because it takes over some keyboard shortcuts that I need in other apps. So this is an accurate representation of the time it takes me to extract information from it.
  4. I decided to do a test comparing Evernote 10 to the legacy version. I performed a simple task: searching for a bit of information in a note. Since Evernote 10 doesn't feature the Global Shortcut Keys option, I had to simply launch the app and do things the quickest way I could. Evernote 10 took almost 6 times as long and took more mouse interaction, which is a workflow breaker for me.
  5. I used to always hit Win+Shift+F from any application to search in Evernote. That doesn't work with the new version, and there don't seem to be any settings at all anymore. Did they remove this feature?
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