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  1. I tried signing up for a trial business account in order to retrieve Note details that I lost when my phone synced with my account, and it forced me to set up a new business account with a different email. It assured me during signup that the 2 accounts would be linked but not only can I not retrieve any note history without being prompted to upgrade (still), it is now associating a completely different email with my main account that I've been using daily for 6 years. So when I try to log in using my normal email, that account is now blank with no notebooks, notes, etc. & I'm afraid when the trial is over I will lose everything. This all started when I tried to update a Note on my phone and rather than syncing the new data from my PC, it synced the outdated Note on my phone as the primary so I lost all the new data on my PC. Also, both on the app and PC, it is constantly telling me to upgrade or delete a device and I've been using the same 2 devices (PC & phone).
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