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  1. Oh, so you don't have an s-pen then. What are you writing with? Perhaps you are a candidate for Gboard and the Handwriting module?
  2. Are you running the same tablet model? What are you running in terms of app and O/S?
  3. Ok, well I have no issues on my Samsung Tab A 2016 (P585Y) running Android 8.1.0 (Oreo), Samsung Experience 9.5, Build M1AJQ.P585YDXU2CRJ9. Running Evernote 8.6.1. Are you running the same model? What are you running in terms of app and O/S? The Samsung keyboard is updated with a different layout for accessing handwriting. So while you're blaming Evernote, it seems likely that Samsung was the non-compliant party.
  4. Samsung released a major Android update for my tablet (Samsung Tab A 2016) and I'm no longer having issues with the return key. Not sure Evernote changed anything. Maybe check if there is a system update waiting for you? 
  5. Got this reply from my support ticket (edit: for some reason evernote support tickets go straight to junk each time and so it took time to find!) Good work team on raising the profile! Hopefully a fix is forthcoming soon
  6. Yes, I agree. The support for handwriting by the app is very average. I was using the Samsung handwriting keyboard on my Samsung Tab A (2016) with s-pen until it broke in a recent update. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/116173-samsung-tab-a6-s-pen-handwriting-and-new-line/
  7. I have the same issue also. It only happens for me in Evernote also. I have to switch from the handwriting keyboard to the on screen keyboard to press enter and then continue with the s-pen. My specifications are as above (Samsung Tab A (2016) with s-pen). I understand this might also be happening for Tab S3 users but I'm unaware if this is an issue for Tabs S4 users. Refer to post above.
  8. I've noticed that the evernote input with an external device (including an external keyboard) has been laggy since recent updates. Frustrating
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