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  1. Hi there. In answer to your questions: Device is a Samsung Note 5 Android 5.1.1 The most up to date version of Evernote now on the Playstore - 8.4.1 Using Chrome and the default Samsung Browser I am clipping using the share command. I have contacted Evernote technical support and I gave them a URL to try out and they were also able to replicate the fault. Try clip for example clipping this URL https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passed_pawn The chess boards will all clip broken up. This did not happen on my prior version of the app. If I open the clipped note in the iOS app the page displays fine. So it is the Android app playing up.
  2. I am also having problems with clipping and the latest version of the Android App. If I create a clipping often entire areas are not showing properly in the Android app. But if I open that very same note in say the iOS version I can see the webpage elements properly. I upgraded my Android app to the latest version yesterday. Before that the old version of Evernote for Android was showing clipped webpages really well. Now many of my notes with webpage clippings have display problems! So there is definitely something wrong with the latest version of the Android app
  3. Hi all. Hopefully someone can help me out or tell me if this is a bug. I haven't updated my app for some time. The old version was clipping web pages perfectly. For example, I clip quite a number of Chess theory articles from Wikipedia. The formatting and the graphics were displaying perfectly. So today I upgraded to the latest version as the new templates features sounded really cool. Well now many of my previously perfectly clipped website articles are not displaying properly. Many are unreadable in certain sections where graphics were. But in the old version it displayed perfectly. I tried reclipping...did not help. In some cases it even made it worse! I have clippings from a number of other sites where they were perfectly formatted and rendering perfectly...but now in the new app are virtually unreadable. What is going on? Why is this happening? I tried reinstalling the app. It made no difference. It is interesting in that I also have Evernote installed on an iPad Pro and these very same clippings are displaying perfectly. Is there anyone who can shed some light on this? Is there a bug with the web clipping part of the Android app in terms of how it is rendering captured pages?
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