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  1. I am coming from the Nesting Multiple Notebooks / Creating Sub-Notebooks thread. I really miss the tag hierarchy on iOS. I am shocked that this suggestion was made more than 3 years ago, and Evernote has still not fixed it. How hard can it be?! (answer: not very!)
  2. My biggest (and only) issue with using tags instead of folders for hierarchical organization is that tags are not well supported on mobile (iOS), which I use heavily. In particular, the hierarchy is missing completely (it's flattened out). Other than that, folders vs tags is more or less cosmetic, and I couldn't care less. So, here's me, writing this comment, and hoping that someone from Evernote reads it and acts on it, however unlikely that may be.
  3. Another "me too" post. I know that can be used to create a hierarchy. However, the iOS app does not display the tag hierarchy. Having folders (or stacks of stacks) is the better solution.
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