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  1. I was able to do it as a basic member. Possibly give it some time to appear?
  2. Please check my new update on this below. Hopefully it will work for you.
  3. Please see my updated note on this string. Hopefully this will help.
  4. UPDATE - SOLUTION On Windows 10 I have now found a way to make it work. If one goes to the template page (https://www.evernote.com/templates) and you select a template - it DOES add it to your template library if you are logged into Evernote in a separate window on the same browser. It is massively confusing because the template page asks to SIGN UP or LOG IN - and if you do so - you immediately lose that page. I can't find any sequence or solution to showing it LOGGED IN - but it doesn't seem to matter. When you then go to add a NEW NOTE (in Evernote Windows) There is a small icon labeled TEMPLATE in the body that allows you to select from those you added on the template page. At Evernote.com however the OLD evernote does not give you this option. You must go to YOUR ACCOUNT on the bottom left of the Evernote.com page, and select (something similar to) TRY NEW EVERNOTE WEB LAYOUT). This will take about 10-15 seconds to load and when you add a new note - it also has the templates you have selected.
  5. I'm a little shocked @EverNote hasn't responded to this after WEEKS passing....
  6. Same. On Windows 10 with both latest Evernote 6.15 (auto updated) and evernote.com web version. NO templates. On template page I'm logged off even if I'm logged in on another screen. But templates do not appear anywhere.
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