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  1. There was a time when check-spelling was the red nightmare for all the non-english writing Windows users. Those dark times are luckily over. However, as title says, a minor bug seems still awakening the demon from its rest: Any note -> "..." -> "Open in new window" -> start writing some non-english words -> spell checker starts flagging all the new words Quick workaround: "tools" -> "preferences" -> ACTIVATE spell checking -> DEACTIVATE spell checking Nothing serious, yet a bugfix would be appreciated
  2. I totally agree with you. And, indeed, my point was different. I always tend to consider EN as a (potential) powerful knowledge tool: a fast virtual-second-memory which supports you in a wide range of activities (which is way more ambitious than a simple sketch/quicknotes/reminders organizing app). A place where to store clean "pieces of knowledge" for fast future recall and use. Also from your programming experiences: elegant code-solutions to specific problems (with some pieces of code and commentary in between) quick examples for design patterns personal cheatsheets for nonintuitive syntax when approaching a new language ... You can already do that, of course, saving code as plain monospaced text. Or storing source files. Not really as knowledge-friendly as it would be with some syntax highlighting.... 🙃
  3. Code block as it is now is... simply useless. Syntax highlighting (and a better formatting) is something vital. ANY PROGRAMMER needs for a supporting note-app to store his own solutions, design patterns, a commented version of what found on StackOverflow... ... without wasting time in clunchy (and often ugly) workarounds. Why ignoring all those potential premium customers? 🙃
  4. Notion has it.. please get inspired by their solution! I'd really love to see something like this also in Evernote. I think that many many many students/academics/PhDs/workers would really appreciate it.
  5. HOME A secondary/fancy feature which was unasked but somehow appreciated. Still wondering why to limit the -useful- scratch pad to 300 chars. Do you fear running out of space? However, as already said, appreciated. But, but, BUT, BUT: With this new secondary feature something else rolled back in a buggy/unstable/unusuable status. Now my cursor again goes on top every time the note autosyncs... obviously while you're writing. And if it doesn't, a second conflict-copy gets created. This is a core Core CORE CORE PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY. Having to face new CORE PROBLEMS every time a secondary/useless feature gets released is... is.... merely unacceptable. No matter how long you've been loving/supporting the product. No matter how long you've been saying to yourself "be patient, soon things will get better". Please keep this in mind. In the love of Evernote.
  6. Same here. Very very frequent (and frustrating). Chrome web.
  7. +1 This would really add an enormous value to the product. Academic here
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