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  1. Are there any plans to ever create a Linux desktop client? Until that happens there is no way I will go back to paying for a subscription - I was a Premium member for a number of years.
  2. I've tried Chrome a number of times since it came out. I hated it then and I think it's gotten worse since. The simple fact comes down to this: any developer that tries to force me to choose between their program and my operating system, browser, etc. will always find me taking my business elsewhere. I'm on the verge of doing so with Evernote any more, which is very sad because it began as a great app. My frustration really boils down to the total disregard and lack of responsiveness toward their users. I posted in the General Feedback forum regarding that - the moderators looked at that post repeatedly and then removed it a week later without even bothering to say they were doing so, much less why. I've been a beta tester for the Android app since Evernote rolled out that program, yet Evernote doesn't even bother to respond to the beta feed back! As for the Fire, I recently found out how to get the Google Play Store onto it so for the most part issues of getting apps for it are gone. (Some that I use on my phone are still not compatible with the device, but very few.) I have been able to access templates on it since swapping over to the version offered on Play Store. Versions of other apps offered by both sites also work better when replaced by those from Google. (Amazon is more uncaring than even Evernote.) I would never buy a Fire - I won it in a raffle at work. It does some things well, and I principally use it as a reader - but that includes heavily text oriented apps like Evernote (where I store a lot of articles, PDFs, etc.) or graphic apps - sketching, painting, etc.; anything where the larger screen makes a significant difference.
  3. Are there any plans to make this New Evernote Web experience available for Firefox? If so, any projected time frame?
  4. I've tried Google Chrome repeatedly over the years and cannot stand it. Don't know about Antonina. As for the issue, please see attached screenshot.
  5. You are using Firefox. The new web version doesn't support it. The Android app doesn't support the Kindle Fire for this either. (You can get it on a phone from the Google Play store but you can't access the Play Store from a Kindle - Amazon is to blame there.) Note also, if you are using Linux Evernote refuses to acknowledge the operating system and you will not be able to use the templates on a desktop app. (Tusk will emulate one, but it is really a web browser interface which, not surprisingly, Evernote is not supporting - evidently piggy-backed off of Firefox). Your' options are to use a sanctioned browser on a sanctioned operating system on a sanctioned device or accept that you will be left further behind with every new feature and update. They'll still try and get you to upgrade your subscription at every turn to sell you more features you can't make use of. I can see the templates on my little Android phone (where I'm not likely to actually use them) but on none of my other unsanctioned hardware/software (as outlined above) which is why I no longer pay for a premium account.
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