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  1. OK, this is different here: When I click on the ellipses that open the menu with the "Add Reminder..." item, and the menu is open, then the keyboard shortcut works. In no other situation the shortcut works. In particular not when the focus is on the text area of the note My reminder Dialogue is different form yours. I get a "Reminder added" box and then I have to do yet another click to add a date (another UI error!)
  2. This does not work for me. I added the shortcut and it does show up in the menu. Pressing the shortcut does nothing, though. It seems like this menu never has focus, so the shortcut is sent to Evernote's general menu and not acted upon? Everything looks exactly as in your screenshots for me, but no luck. Does it work for you?
  3. As many others have written, I'm also very unhappy with the reminders hidden behind another click. In never share notes and use reminders all the time. Also: As mentioned frequently in this forum: Why is there no keyboard shortcut for adding reminders? Another new interface issue in 7.5 is visible in the following screenshot. There is plenty of space right there. Why does the name of the Notebook need to be abbreviated after ONE Letter? For me 7.5. is another step backwards in usability.
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