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  1. Another thanks to Alxa from an exclusively android app user (and paying subscriber.) The v.10.9 update was the last straw after months of barely limping along. With 10.9, newly added photos aren't retained and disappear from both new or edited notes (possibly the trade-off for existing photos now rendering consistently?) Plus the slowdown is worse and crashes more frequent. Opening support tickets hasn't been fruitful yet so decided to roll back for a while. Within moments of coming to the forum, I found Alxa's post with the v.8.13.3 apk... thank you! P.S. I was relieved to see the duplicates of notes and notebooks (30+ of my default notebook) disappeared after rolling back.
  2. At least in my case I've pinpointed the sequence of events that results in a note lock with the notice: "The note is read only it was created in another app" This is occurring (nearly*) every time I edit a note I've opened after a search and selection. In other words when I select a note from search results and make an edit = note lock. If I don't search but instead scroll to find a note I can open it and edit to my heart's content without problem... But with some notebooks having hundreds of notes scrolling to access and edit is not a feasible method of working - I need to be able to search. *nearly = I'm set to sync every 15 minutes. I think (haven't proven to myself) I can create or edit a note I accessed by scrolling, save it then create a search and access it again from the search results and edit successfully without a note lock IF it's still in the same interim period before the next sync occurs. Is this the same bug that's already been reported without a resolution?
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