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  1. Thanks to all for your contributions. The fact is I'm not looking for the Fastpencil features at all. I find evernote's phone version so practical for writing anywhere, adding categories and editing. WHat I'm asking is how to convert my Evernote files to a format a standard publisher can use without losing features such as page layout, ie bold titles, words in italic, etc. Of course, one can copy to Word including formatting, note after note. But Word isn't really designed for managing pages and pages that have categories. Has anyone practised transferring Evernote folders, notes and cat
  2. @DTLow In view of your new user experience, would you recommend Fastpencil to convert from Evernote a book written as a stack with several folders, of which the main one contains 100+ notes? Are the categories also transferred? And what's the format produced by Fastpencil? Thanks so much, Mimosa
  3. Thanks for your answer. I guess I wasn't clear enough. If I type a simple space before the punctuation mark, then, that mark may end up on the next line. So the French invented this half space that you see as ° when the Paragraph sign is on, eg Bonjour°!, instead of Bonjour ! Any other suggestions welcome.
  4. Hi David, Thank you for taking the time to respond in detail. I had heard of Scrivener, and had visited their site when I was checking solutions and chose Evernote. So I just visited again their site now that I'm an Evernote user and know much more. What appears is that it can't be downloaded on Google's Playstore, so it doesn't seem designed for mobile function, except perhaps for Mac. This is the big advantage of Evernote as already mentioned: On my Galaxy Note 8, I can work directly on my text, add notes, quotes, articles, pics , anywhere, anytime, at meetings or in a bu
  5. For French script: the biggest issue with Evernote seems to be the lacking function consisting of automatically adding the attached space required for publishing in French before ! ? ; and : , but not an ordinary space. Does Evernote provide this? (The search/replace in Word (Windows 10) isn't able to automate these replacements). Can anyone in the User forum solve this on Evernote? Or show how to already do this on Evernote? Thanks!
  6. Thanks Dave-in-Decatur, I have come to the same conclusion, however, Evernote has been advertising it's use as a publishing tool, (see the Bryant blog mentioned in my initial posting) and had been recommended as a publishing tool by IT pundits, which is how I discovered Evernote, so there's a real gap between marketing and reality. I believe the solution is the following: 1. Continue using Evernote to collect notes. 2. Once finished, copy them all into one or a few evernote files and seam everything up in Evernote. 3. Copy/paste the final version to Word. I have tested
  7. Yes, we edit even here as you've added the edit bar. It's very limited as we know. Thanks for your continued suggestions, always welcome. Mimosa
  8. Hi, What I mean is: in which format must I convert to for sending my evernote manuscript (in WIP) to publishers who don't necessarily use Evernote? This is a key criteria before I continue with Evernote or switch to another software. All I've found on internet is that: I can send in pdf or epub (mine needs to be also in paper format) or HTML (not very useful for a publisher) (Publishers need to edit). It seems Fastpencil was recommended for doing so in 2014 (5 years ago): https://evernote.com/blog/publish-books-instantly-from-evernote/ 2. I've al
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