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  1. Evernote Release 10.3.7 (Mac OS) has removed key productivity features. No warning so I could skip this upgrade and no beneift to the user for the changes!!? No more Folder Tabs (open note in new folder tab within application) No more quick format command (shift+commad+F) to normalize pasted text No creating new note within the application - Creating new note opens a separate window? Current featuers not working. Paste and Match Style removes hyper links Pasted links - now requires (2) clicks to open a web link within a note. 1st click opens a box with the link inside... <faceplam>' There are more I have seen elsewhere in the forum.
  2. I have set reminders on many notes but I can't find them. Where is a listing of all open reminders in Evernote? The reminders are appearing at the day and time I have set but if I don't act on the reminder immediately it goes away never to be seen again.
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