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  1. I really like Evernote, more so with ifttt. With that said I think I'm done and am cancelling my subscription to the product. I'll move to OneNote for now as it does most of what I need and I don't have to deal with, well ..... OneNote is free so it's less money and as free I have less reasons to complain about stuff. It has a free import utility, https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote I would keep the sub if y'all put forth any effort, but yeah this is where the company is going. Best wishes
  2. I'm sorry I don't understand how this has to do with the start up view? I assume many users use the tool in the best way for them
  3. I really like Evernote and have used/ sub'd the app for some years now. Is there ever going to be a time that y'all are going to change or five us the option to change the starting view? I really hate looking at my past few notes, I want to look at my notebook preferably. I mean my memory is not bad enough yet that I need Evernote to show me what I just entered 1 minute ago. Let's be a little real, I love the app for the functionality but y'all's ui kinda sux. I mean that is some simple code, just show a new start up view that you already have. Please tell me this is on the to do list this year!
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