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  1. I remember being taught in one of the training videos (?) about Evernote. Using it, running into challenges--Does anyone have recommended other training? Challenges: 1.) I am having trouble opening my material in my phone. I keep getting Note Edit error. Oops there is a system error. We'll close Evernote to solve the problem. If the issue persists try restarting your device. Also, 2.) When I copy and paste something into a note, it is not transferring in properly--part of one word appears on one line, the rest on the next. i.e. "we owe our thanks to the Lord i n everything; nevertheless, there are supreme geniuses among men. " Thank you in advance
  2. I tried all of the above. Still "Note Edit error Oops@ There is a system error. We'll close Evernote now to resolve the problem. If the issue persists, try restarting your device." Uninstalled. Reinstalled. Copied and pasted new documents. Suggestions? My purpose for choosing Evernote is to have it work on my phone. I may need to cancel if no solution is found.
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