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  1. Android update complicated what was so simple - adding tags. I just don't get it. Why constantly complicating things that were working truly fine?? Sometimes I'm wondering do programers use their own program (not for testing but acctualy in daily lifes) at all or they are just triger happy to try new stuff and have no clue how their soulutions are making this app more and more unintuitive?
  2. I got to Nimbus using this appsumo promotion. Import is not seamless as someone said. But well. I like it much better then EN, but also, there are few things I am missing from EN, at least from the legacu version. Speed, flexible text width (text wraps with the window width), and some other. Unfortunately, I still sometimes have to use EN, mostly because of EN's fleixible text width as I often split screen between EN and some other apps (zoom, word, etc). Too bad, I did like EN.
  3. You don't. Their help sais you turn it of in system. But in my system settings it is turned off. My OS is english language but I write in another. So, all my notes are red. If every other program has posibility to turn of spellcheck, evernote had it before, why in the world not now??? Plus other features that are missing. This is totaly crazy. Don't understand them why they are breaking things that were working. Unistaled v10 and went back to legacy version. Did they decide to ruin the company? What's the bussines plan with letting app like this out? Since I am sure legacy version will not get anymore bug fixes and will most likely in future loose sync possibility with database and v10 is simply out of question, its time to look for alternatives and move on. Really loved it.
  4. Thank you I tried that but with limited success. It is much better but not quite. I replied to your email with some pictures. I cannot attached them here, I dont know why.
  5. Its Windows app (307027) Updated it to (307671) Nothing changed
  6. Till literaly yesterday, my tables were being printed as you se them in the note. I would adjust columns size as I see fit and make a table narrow. As of today, when I print note with the table, table is streched out to the full width of a paper! On the same note I printed out yesterday, today tables are being printed full paper width regarldes how they are set up in note itself. I tried making new note new table. Doesnt help. I attached 2 files. FIrst is table formated in evernote. Second is print preview. What is going on and how to fix this?? Thanks EDIT: I tried copy/pasting note table to Word. It works ok as it should. So formating of is table good. Something is geting messed up in process of print preparation. Its Windows app (307027)
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