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  1. cosmo-alice

    Link to other notes directly

    Hi, I want to be able to link to other notes directly using the link button in the formatting panel. Currently, I have to navigate to the note I want to link to, copy its "internal link" which takes many clicks to get, go back to the original note, find the place that I want to link again, click the "Link" button, and paste the internal link. It's very cumbersome. Ideally, I would be able to search for the name of the note I want in the "Link" dropdown menu (see attachment) and just pick the right one to link to another note directly. Also, it'd be great if I can call the linking function using shortcut keys such as Command + K. This would save me the actions to switch to the mouse while typing and click the "Link" button to call the linking function.
  2. cosmo-alice

    Ability to add Hyperlink/URL's to text (Android)

    I want the same function, but for Mac - shortcut: Command + K. Thanks!