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  1. Using a galaxy s8 plus with the samsung keyboard for reference, I encountered two bugs: 1. Text shortcuts don't work in evernote (they work in every other app) 2. If you have text on a line, and place the cursor at the start of that line and start typing numbers, it starts to insert additional duplicate numbers into the text. This only happens at the start of a new line, with text directly after your cursor (no spaces). This bug is related to smart typing, and I've gone through testing all of smart typing options. It only happens with predictive text turned on. Auto replace, auto spell check, auto capitalize, auto spacing, and auto punctuate all have no effect on this bug, so it's specific to showing predicted text based on what you've entered and not something that the keyboard is trying to modify. Since predictive text is a feature I use extensively, simply turning it off is not an option. Considering no other app has this problem, I shouldn't have to either.
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