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  1. Two feature request: When inserting a PDF into a note, something I do daily, the PDF inserts but then the page randomly jumps far lower in the note. With every PDF insert, I then have to find -- by scrolling up and examining everything above the cursor point to which Evernote jumped -- the inserted doc. When opening a note, some of the previously-inserted PDFs view as 'attachment,' and others are opened. Is there any way to maintain the previous setting or at least, set a 'default view' of those PDFs always being collapsed (which is my preference)?
  2. I have a Notebook for a grad studies class and in that notebook, one note for my 'rolling notes' for the entire semester. I wanted one note for the 'rolling notes' so I could search an entire semester's worth of content without bouncing among a bunch of separate notes. Is there a way to save a web clipping, or PDF, directly into that one note (vs a notebook?). Right now, EN supports 'save to notebook' but then I have to open that new note and copy-paste it into the 'running notes,' and then delete the new note. Am I missing a more elegant way of saving a web clip, for example, right into an existing note, vs. as a new note that I have to merge (or copy-paste) into an existing note? I'm new to Evernote so maybe I'm missing something basic...
  3. I'm new to Evernote...well, back to Evernote having used OneNote for years. Why? The simplicity of PDF OCR and notes searchability. Why might I switch back? Your menu sizes are too small and uncustomizable. It's great to have the Note itself respond to the scroll wheel, but the sidebar and editing icons are minuscule...so much so that I showed the interface to 2 colleagues and a UI/UX researcher who, without knowing/using Evernote, swore up-and-down that I was missing some obvious customization command because "there's no way anyone would design display fonts so small, as a default." I see this string has comments dating over 5 years. I run a software company so if you're not going to make this change due to some UI/UX philosophy, please share it so we can all make our decisions accordingly. If you are planning to address, please share that as well. Love your product but like others have noted, this 'display font size inflexibility' and display default font size is too small and really kills the user experience of the product. I've gone from being excited within each note to dreading any task that involves formatting of a note or accessing/navigating notebooks in the uncustomizable left pane. Please let us know your thoughts.
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