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  1. Yep! I'm back at the very beginning... Been having email conversations with Evernote for the past week! No solution yet and they're very slow with their response time! Anyway, I'll keep trying. Thanks for your help
  2. But when I try to log in to old email, I cant recall old password... I then press "forgot password" but then I would need to renew password through my old email which I dont use anymore. Very frustrating!
  3. Yes... Where do we go from here?
  4. If I remember correctly, my old account has a different email address, which is now not in use
  5. Ok I understand. However, I did log in, but it produced notes from my phone I had in 2016, when I really need my notes from 2017/18, which are on my damaged phone
  6. So do Evernote need my damaged Android model number to find my notes?
  7. The problem is my old Evernote notes are on my damaged phone... When I actually log into Evernote, the device page is only showing my current device, but I need to see notes from my damaged device Please help...
  8. Hello I asked a question earlier about how to add a new device to Evernote, but forgot to mention that the device I want to add, the lcd screen is currently damaged, so I cant even log into Evernote with it. Please help
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