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  1. I have an Dell Inspiron 7000 2-in-1. I want to annotate a PDF in one of my notes using the Dell active pen, which uses the Microsoft Pen Protocol. But when I open a PDF for annotation, the pen does not work. Specifically. The icons on the left vanish when I click on them with the pen, so I cannot set the tool/options I want without having to use my finger. If I choose the pen tool and try to write, nothing happens. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  2. I am not Dan C, but from I can tell it was the combination of being asked for his opinion, being taken to a bum survey and then not being able to reply to the email itself because the reply address wasn't valid. So, in this case anyways, the Evernote team is trying to say "we care," but their actions are saying they don't. I am not making a comment on v10, just on the ineffective communication that Dan C experienced.
  3. I've been using v6 on Windows also. I haven't upgraded yet, but am considering the upgrade/legacy scenario. My big issue with how things are going isn't necessarily that v10 is missing this or that feature, but rather the lack of a roadmap. Since we the users have no idea if a particular feature is going to be kept in the future, we have no idea as to whether we should be using v6 or legacy as a stopgap until the feature is fleshed out in v10 or as a means to provide time to migrate off a feature which will no longer be supported at some point in the future (i.e., when legacy is turned off).
  4. I realize that Evernote needs revenue, but they need to do something to show some love to Premium users. I have been paying for Premium for several years now. I've never minded paying because I realize that a company needs money to run and because if if I use a service heavily I should pay for it. I have even been patient while Evernote was being built from the bottom up. While the "Legacy" version is a reasonable stop-gap measure, there are some problems with the approach: The legacy version is unsupported and can be turned off at some random point in the future. We do not know how much notice will be provided or the level of feature compatibility that will trigger the discontinuation of the legacy version. An addition of "at least x days notice will be provided before we turn off the legacy version" to the legacy help page would solve the first issue. A roadmap with a detailed list of features that will be implemented before the legacy version is turned off would help with the second issue. There is not a full list of what features will or will not be supported in the future. So this puts users in the position of using the legacy version and then being faced with last-minute changes in their workflows as opposed to knowing that a feature is deprecated and having time to do deal with that. The "install the new version, watch it wipe out the old version, and then having to reinstall the legacy version" routine is irritating, but at least it's a one-time thing. Also, don't forget that has been almost 2 years since the "rebuild" started. Premium users have been asked to be patient, and in large measure I feel we have been. But, after all that time, it is sad we are presented with such a crippled version. And the "advanced features" that they seem to not particularly care about are the types of features that that Premium users use. It is almost as if they are aiming the service at free users who have only a few notes. It feels like a kick tot the teeth to have paid for a product for years and then be treated this way. So I upvoted this. Not so much because I would like to have Evernote be free for the entire time. But I do think that showing some love towards the Premium users who have been helping to keep the Evernote lights on is definitely in order. Something like a free month or two as a "thank you" for our patience and trouble would be appreciated.
  5. Please allow users to define table styles to include: Default font for table text Header color If header and/or first column should be in bold If the the data rows should have alternating colors, and what they should be. It would be great if these "styles" were accessible throughout Evernote once set up, but even if they were defined for each table would be a big help. Currently, it takes a fair amount of setup to get a usable table. My thinking is often table-oriented, so I have many, many tables in Evernote, so being able to set up nice tables is very important to me. Thank you!
  6. I can live with that, in the sense that you woudn’t have to click around to see them. But on top would still be nice, since that is where the name of the notebook is.
  7. When I saw the new editor in the video, there was a lot I liked (such as actual checklists, headers, and table improvements). But my first thought was, “Where’s the tags!” Lots of fluff like the share button, but a key organizational element is hidden. That is a pity because the ability to organize by tags is one of Evernote’s key differentiators over programs like OneNote. Hiding them and making the user click around to see them makes the feature much less useful. So much so as to make them neatly useless. The funny thing is that the new design pushes notebooks over tags, but Evernote has only a fraction of the ability to structure notebooks that OneNote has. So it gives up an advantage in favor of something that its traditional competitor is much better at.
  8. Thanks for the link. It doesn't, however, answer my question, which is how to hide the gridlines, or at least set them to white. Yes, of course. I do too. By "basic functionality", I meant the ability to set the color of the gridlines as well as the cells themselves. In the video, Enrico -- on a Mac -- used a dialog which is not available on the Windows version. This is the type of feature disparity that I hope the Evernote team actually rectifies instead of just talking about fixing. I'll give that a try! I tried that approach with Excel yesterday, and all I got was a standard Evernote table. Another possibility I'm thinking of is to set up a note on a Mac containing a table with blank gridlines, then copying/pasting it to my other notes as needed.
  9. Oh I'm certainly not wedded to the "Post-It as graphic" idea. But I certainly like the idea of having the items float without seeing the borders. As for the suggestions, I've tried looking under "Format" and do not see a table option. Just font, para, and style. I may try out the enex export/import, but at this point it would probably just be easier to borrow a Mac, configure the table, and hope for the best. It's kind of sad that Evernote doesn't offer such a relatively basic functionality to Windows users, but those are the breaks I suppose.
  10. I'm trying to set up a "dashboard" and would like to set up the various links, etc. in a table. I would like this table to have all its borders hidden so that the content would appear to be free-floating. I am using Enrico Nahler's dashboard setup as inspiration. A picture of his dashboard is below. Is there a way that I can hide the borders in the Windows app? I do not see a way to do that. Thanks in advance for your help!
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