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  1. I too would also like the ability for a more compact view. I don't appreciate the visible sorting indicators, meaning when sorting by title it takes up much extra space to show which letter of the alphabet you are on, a line below that, the date the note was last updated, then the title of the note. That seems like a great misuse of the limited screen space available on mobile devices. There should be more control over what is & isn't displayed. I have everything unchecked in "view options" & when sorting by title, for example, it shows: B --------------------- Today
  2. I voted for page numbers on printed notes. I was quite surprised that it wasn't available as an option somewhere. I've been numbering everything I print out by hand...
  3. I agree. I hesitate to use Evernote to manage my actual bookmarks, because there is no easy way for me to tell if I've already clipped(bookmarked) the page or not. When using Firefox's internal bookmark system the star in the URL bar goes from being just an outline to a filled (blue) star on a page that has been already bookmarked. This creates ambiguity between where I saved the information; did I clip it to Evernote or did I just bookmark it in Firefox?
  4. I'm having the same issue with the web clipper not clipping PDF pages. The clipper suggests reloading the page, reloading does not fix the problem. Firefox v 61.0.2 Evernote v6.14.5.7671 Clipper v6.13.2
  5. I too feel that being able to extract text from a picture is a necessary feature. I often take pictures of notes that I've made. They are unfinished and are in need of further editing and refinement. I took the photograph so I could finish them, but once they are in EN I have to retype them to be able to finish editing them. This is quite frustrating.
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