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  1. Thank you so much for bringing it up! I have the same problem, I just discovered my account was accessed by an IPhone with an IP address in "Taegu-jikhalsi, Korea, Republic of" and "Zulia, Venezuela", and I use only Android and live in Ukraine. I have personal and very important information there too, so I was shocked. I really hope that it's just some kind of bot or at least someone who don't understand Russian ? But based on what I've seen on forum (that there was at least three similar "IPhone hacks" recently and these accounts are from different countries, and even text in there are in different languages (English and Russian) ) I can say it really gives me hope that it's just a bot, not a person who is reading our notes right now. But, of course, I'm just guessing. It's really frustrating that there was no email and I could never know about this situation if I were a paid customer with no device limit. And thanks to everyone for answers, it's really helpful!
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