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  1. OK, I’ve been patient. I’ve waited 3 months for some bug fixes to come along and... nothing. Since October my MacOS Evernote, my second brain, the core of my business where all my records are kept, no longer works. I click on a notebook... nothing in it. I click on a note... nothing in it. Click on inbox... nothing in it. It repeatedly tells me to “reload,” as though I’m using a flaky web browser and requires I reboot my Mac to access... THE INBOX!!! Or my client records!!! No inbox? In Evernote?! You had one job. I use Evernote for two reasons: reliability and good search. I require both. If you’re not going to fix it in the next month I simply can’t stay. I don’t want to leave, but you’re messing with my livelihood. Please recognize what your customers are paying for and get back to delivering it. best, Mark
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