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  1. Hi, Dave, for the foldover shape of the Elephant "ear"/page fold connotation has always been good and thank goodness, they did not change "Mads-the-Elephant" - that's akin to messing with the Coca-Cola branding - some things are so classic that to alter is just some fancy-pants designer way of raking in dough. Believe me, I came from the 3D animator world before I switched fields - we use drafting, illustration skills - a crossover between art and design, but to be honest, many "designer-decisions" drive us berserk. Square formats and the former icon sealed the linear rectangular visuals of computer monitors and interfaces. The green square against the dark elephant also had visual pop. Round white circle becomes as staid as a flat iTunes circular icon - boring! Why would anyone want that? Evernote also needs to be aware with mobile design everything is so washed over by white space and and white grid formatting too. Speaking of which, I've always valued Evernote's clean panel designs and the simplicity of the interface to store critical information. Design should never! replace functionality and the cleanness of an interface, and I'm glad that doesn't seem to have changed. The only thing I would recommend, however, is I hope for the premium or corporate accounts they do have a way that is built into Evernote to sync with a Gmail or Outlook calendar. This is actually a very important and much needed feature, if Evernote doesn't have this built-in feature yet. For us base-tier users, Google calendar sync is not available, which is perfectly understandable. Had my finances not been so severe, Evernote and Hightail (now called Opentext) will always be one of my top/favorite programs.... Hightail is another beautiful, easy platform superior to the dreaded, invasive and ridiculous Dropbox. I also say beware the graphic designer - not all are created equal. Some are geniuses, but many only follow industry trends blindly or have a shocking lack of practicality and common sense. That is why architects and engineers always use CAD, and not any excessive, bells-and-whistles interface. Windows started to fall apart when they tried to cater to the same consumers that Apple caters to. For us, where information and organization is critical, functionality drives us - function above all else are the building blocks of a "logical, engineered" world. The beauty of Evernote is how it makes everything so organized and easy to find :).
  2. All thanks to Ron Bauerle, as aforementioned, in my previous post! Reverting back to the old Evernote version solves the fatal error. P.S. old Evernote icon with green bcg. is more attractive than the new circle icon with the plain white? The square matches well with the Adobe Suite icons imho. If we are happy with our old versions, I hope Evernote will allow us to keep that version! Updates can often be worse in their compatibility issues. The motto, "if it ain't broke, don't fix," can be applied here. Perhaps for premium/business users, there can be options to "update" if it influences their work, but for the rest of us happy users, we'd rather have "the stable, tried-and-true" version. Please do not prompt base-tier users to update unless all bugs fixed. Premium and business users can complain and report, but the rest of us can't easily do this.
  3. I too am having the exact same issues as Dongyun Soon. Evernote has never lost notes before, but ever since v. when the program distinctly changed its icon too, (for version ID) I lost a few critical journalism notes and now the program always crashes on the initial launch. Prior updates have always been smooth with no problems until this most recent update under the v. subset of updates. Please FIX this issue as soon as possible for Windows 10/64-bit users. My laptop has never been changed or been swapped. Do not mention to me about re-installing, installing, restarting my computer et. al. with that crappy version - I used to be a tech-head before switching fields. I hope the link to Ron Bauerle's old Evernote version/reinstall is the same reliable version I've had! (will update on this). I loved how the old version never lost notes. I am also not happy that ordinary Evernote users cannot send email reports, etc. - one has to be a premium user which is frustrating. My affiliation membership dues and constant equipment repairs and costs sink all my funds - there is nothing left for other memberships. I now backup all my Evernote Notebooks with the .ENEX archival tool after the v. episode. Evernote used to be one of the most reliable/valuable software for me. Iphone always glitches and loses notes, hence my reliance on Evernote.
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