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  1. Yeah I have multiple monitors on my work computer and they're all full. Evernote stays open on it's own screen. I used to use the web app since I didn't have to install anything, but I stopped when they changed to a new layout that had a lot of things hidden. It looks like there's a new beta version that's close to the desktop program. I might switch back to it if that's where they're making all of the updates.
  2. I need to check it out again. I only use the desktop version of Evernote because of the layout - columns for notebook stacks, snippet view, and the full note all on one screen. I couldn't see everything in one view when I tried using OneNote. I have Evernote open while I'm using other programs on different screens, and I need to get to notes without a lot of clicking around.
  3. I would pin only the notes that I add to regularly. I have some notes that are project logs updated daily for example, with links in them to other notes in separate notebooks. I need to be able to get to these notes quickly, and jump back and forth between them. I have some added as shortcuts in the menu bar, but pinned notes would be a great option.
  4. I haven't been getting notifications for my post. Thanks. I tried using the Reminders list in Snippet view before as a pinned note workaround, but it wasn't working the way I needed it to. I set new reminders daily and list is long. It might be the best option though.
  5. I don't know if this feature exists. I use the Snippet view in Evernote Desktop as a to do list for my default notebook. Important emails automatically add to this notebook and appear in the list. I have a few notes that are permanent with recurring tasks, and I'd like to be able to pin them to the top of the Snippet list. That way they stay at the top even if change the "Sort Notes By" setting.
  6. Interesting. I thought about using a text expander before, but never got far with it. I might try that for timestamps, and see if there's anything else I can do with it. Thanks.
  7. Can you explain this? It might be something I can use. I had to look up horses for courses, never heard that before.
  8. Thanks jefito, no problem. It's just something I thought of based on how I use Evernote. I don't usually post on forums or even ask about new features, so I'm new to this. Thanks for all of the comments here.
  9. Ok. The blank notes with reminders that I delete are just one-off tasks like "Check voicemail and call back this person". It's not something I need to refer to after it's done. I'm already in Evernote, so I don't want to pull up another app to set a reminder for something so simple.
  10. I haven't posted on the forums before, so maybe I put this in the wrong place, or I'm not explaining it well enough. This was just a feature request, something I'd like to see in Evernote. I'm talking about having a simple task list feature built in to Evernote. I understand that a note has to be created to set a reminder, that's what I do now. I would like it if there was a way to set reminders in Evernote without creating a full note, just a reminder for a task. I'll be working in Evernote and set a reminder for myself with a note that has a title, but no content. I just need the notification/reminder email. I then have to go back and delete the note later to avoid having my default notebook filled with blank notes for old reminders. I have a notebook for every client, and one note for each project in that notebook that I use as a development log. Each day in the log will have it's own checkbox task list for that day. Emails are also forwarded to notebooks to turn into separate client notes and short task lists, and it's a lot to manage. Having one note for each task wouldn't work for me, I merge emails into one note as they come in. My idea is just to break out task lists into an optional feature separate from notes. The feature I'm interested in would be similar to the Reminders app on the iPhone or Google Tasks, you just enter the title of the reminder in a task list and set the date and time. I use a lot of different apps for task reminders, and I'd like to be able to do everything in Evernote. It could just be a sidebar in the desktop app for task lists with reminders that can be closed if you don't need it. If there's another place to send in feature requests, let me know. The Help page sent me here.
  11. That still creates a new note, right? I was thinking of the option of setting a reminder from a task list without a note - just the title and reminder date/time. I have a lot of emails forwarded to my default notebook, and the blank notes I have for one-off reminders have to be deleted when I'm done with them. I always have the phone or Windows app open, so I'd like to be able to do as much as possible without switching to something else. Plus a separate task list would cut down on multiple checkbox To Do lists within notes and notebooks. It's just an idea.
  12. Yeah it's just a feature request. I have a lot of simple To Do lists in different apps, but I'd like to keep everything all in one place, and associated with notebooks and tags that I'm using if I need to. I'd like to see Microsoft To Do or Google Tasks functionality somehow built into Evernote as an option. It could be a separate app that syncs with Evernote to avoid overloading the main program. Anyone that doesn't want or need that feature wouldn't be affected.
  13. I'd like to be able to set a reminder for a task without having to create a note for it. I often just want to get a notification for a quick one-off task that I don't need to refer to later. I end up having to create a blank note with the title of the reminder, then find and delete it later. I use a few different apps for task reminders, but it would be good if I could keep everything in Evernote.
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