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  1. Hi, I'm having a really frustrating error happen. When my phone is not connected to the internet, I cannot read any notes that were created on the desktop version of evernote. I get a message "Notes unavailable offline. Get offline access with Evernote Plus or Premium." I've checked sync'd devices and there are only 2 on my account, my moto phone and my desktop computer. I previously had it sync'd to my old phone and my desktop, but when I got a new phone I removed the old one and added the new one. I think somewhere along the lines it isn't registering properly that there are only 2 devices. Is there anyway I can fix this? It's pretty annoying to try and access a note, not to be able to access it and then having to remember when I have an internet connection again to go in recreate the note on my phone, transfer the text over and then delete the old note o in the future I can access it. Thanks!
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