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  1. Hi, i really miss the feature in the iOS app, that i can change the format my scan´s will look like in Evernote. In most cases you use it in business matters a pdf might be the most flexible one, sometimes the png or jpg is working too. But for sure not only. If you scan it actually with evernote, you allways have a png. To change it to PDF it´s an intense process! Evernote himself has an external app with Scannable, that makes this perfect. Why is this not posible with the integrated scanning tool, that looks quite the same, but can´t do PDFs? Thanks, Best, Markus
  2. Hi, i won´t have these 12gb of data on my Harddrive from Evernote. How do i can delete them or at least reduce/control the size of them? Best, Markus
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