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  1. Okay, update : reinstalled solved this issue. Subsequent checkboxes now don't reduce the font automatically. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  2. I need to likely uninstall and reinstall install the app. It's only on the Android and didn't go away. But then I didn't reinstall yet. Will do so and let you know how it goes. Thanks for sharing experience Ps: I added screenshot here just so others know what I'm talking about.
  3. Hi, No idea if this a bug or a 'feature' introduced. Using checklists for shopping or Todo lists in notes and noticing that every enter to create new checkbox entry is also reducing the font size of the next entry a step. Then the next enter reduces it again till your left with the smallest font size and squinting at the screen to read. Anyone else see this ? Not sure if this is a new autoformating option. However with no way to resize different text to different font size. This is annoying. Any thoughts on this. Ps: can't say when this was introduced. I go back to checked lists only when needed.
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