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  1. Very strange. It's not working. I signed into the old phone -- it shows that it's on my account per my desktop Evernote, but the notes I took in August on the old phone (which show up on the old phone) will not sync to my desktop. On my new iPhone, barely any of my notes are showing up at all! I'm not really sure how to resolve this.
  2. I think one of the biggest issues is my cloud was too filled to backup my phone, so when I went to the new iPhone, it synced with my old phone back from a January backup.
  3. Thanks! Okay. So I revoked access to the iPhone -- the weird thing is that it said I had access since 2016; meaning that WAS the old phone on the account. But it didn't sync for the last several months. The one I had chosen to take off teh account was an Android one -- I thought it was my very older phone. Anyway, now I've gone into the settings of Evernote (after signing in) on the old phone...what do I do from there? I've clicked on several things, but I don't see a way to say something like "put THIS phone on your account".
  4. Hi! I got a new iPhone, and when I went to setup Evernote, it said I would need to upgrade because I had two linked accounts (my desktop evernote, and my other phone). I thought I could get rid of the other phone, as I had just installed everything on my new phone. So I did. However, I signed into my desktop, and found that it hadn't synced with my old phone in some time. So everything's still on my old phne and I'd like to sync that up to my desktop, then take it off again and put my new phone on. How do I do this? I've looked in several places on both the phone and de
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